“Father, the farmer”, a love poem for the earth. His own aesthetic art. This is the best film in the country for the development of the social attitudes of degenerate people in the third world. In particular, the budding filmmaker has consistently made a soundtrack to the soundtrack of the film. In this case, the music in this film is very much exalted. There are only two vowel associations. For the sake of classical music including classical symphonic music, the film attracts the audience with a marvelous aesthetic. Did I mention it is scientifically explicit? Darshan Ruwan Dissanayake, a wonderful film musician, has created a lot of great music in his father, the famar film. As a filmmaker, this is especially so. I believe a lawyer is entering the film industry. I think that is probably why Ray, Chaplin, Sanjay Leela Bhansali and others are successful in cinema. Because music can only convey emotions that cannot be said in a word. This is often the maximum of an intelligent musician. In the music of the film, the two vowel elements that come to the forefront of the music are constantly blending into different musical traditions. Taking the opportunity, the subtle moods of the intelligent spectator vibrate It is to build a vision of Ruwan maker and the line in the movie success. It shows that Darshana is a great person not only for Sri Lanka but for the whole world. From the beginning to the end of the film, I felt that no other filmmaker in Sri Lanka had ever been able to understand the aesthetics that have been built through the use of code. It is a matter which we sincerely appreciate. This is a movie you should watch and enjoy, since the filmmaker is not hypocritically condemning the budding filmmaker with his own criticism of criticism. In this film, the protagonist who first dives with an aquarium in pure water, finally uses a cinematographer to create a story about a fish lying dead in a paddy field with dirty oil. In the 90 minutes of the film’s run, using the radio as a symbol, the social transformation and the social tragedies that prevail in the agra-cultural economy that breaks with the open economy of 30 years is remarkable. In agri-culture, the farmer is a poet, teacher, and environmentalist aesthetic This filmmaker carefully builds upon the manner in which Vadie was acting. The genuine farmer is the oldest of the multinational corporations that have caused the drunkenness, the laziness, the war, the farmland, etc., because of the attitudinal transformation of the people in the eco-friendly humanitarian agro-cultural economy. Deep sociological factors such as alienation from the great peasant culture Science is very sensitive to beauty It’s jailing successful in film. From the very beginning of this story, the Kuwaiti multinationals, who have been promoting low yields in low lying zones, have gradually poisoned the earth with the use of agro-oil fertilizer introduced to a beautiful village in the ancient self-sufficiency of the land. A healthy farmer is a kid The invasion of the disease housekeeper, briefly summarized the “Father, the Farmer” very aesthetically built in film.